My Colorful Snapshot: Issue No. 1

January 19, 2016

Since last week’s post was a bit longer of a read, I’ve decided to take a more visual route for this week’s post. I’ve been getting in the habit of taking my Nikon D3200 camera with me to more places, and capturing my day-to-day through photography. I’ll try and do these every once in a while to show you where I’ve been and what are some of my favorite people, places and things!  


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I shot this photo of my pup Fitzgerald (Fitz for short) the other day and while I think it turned out pretty neat, the real surprise came the morning after I posted it to Instagram.

I woke up and for whatever reason I checked to see who had liked my post overnight before I left for the gym. Lo and behold, who had liked my photo but Jonathan Bennett — AKA Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls.

While it wasn’t the Pope or Michelle Obama, Mean Girls has become an iconic film for many people with many memorable quotes that have stood the test of time.

I debated whether or not I should post as others might not share my excitement, but decided to anyway. I’m happy to report many people enjoy Mean Girls just as much as the next:

People love Mean Girls just as much as the next person.

UPDATE: Tues. January 19 — after I wrote this post I woke up to this. We’re basically best friends:


Foster Coffee Co. in Owosso, MI

Foster Coffee Co. in Owosso, MI

If you don’t already know, I have a thing for not only coffee but local coffee shops. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PSL from Starbucks as much as anyone but I also love supporting local business when I can.

So I am always on the hunt for coffee shops that not only have great coffee, but also have creative aesthetics as well.

When I heard about Foster Coffee Co. in Owosso, MI a couple months back I had a feeling I wouldn’t be let down once they opened. I made the trip this past weekend with my roommate Camara where we met up with co-worker, friend, and fashion blogger Andrea Kerbuski to give this new place a shot.

This pumpkin muffin was TO DIE for.

This pumpkin muffin was TO DIE for.

The lighting is fantastic, the sweet treats are so tasty you’ll have a hard time ordering just one and the employees are warm and welcoming.

Bottom line: I’ll be back.


Fried calamari: good for the soul, bad for the cholesterol.

Fried calamari: good for the soul, bad for the cholesterol.

If you love Louisiana-style cooking, and you’re in Mid-Michigan rather than New Orleans, you have to try Lula’s in Owosso. Camara and I made a reservation and stopped here for dinner after we were done with coffee. Only two doors down from Foster, we couldn’t pass up eating here.

They have one of the best shrimp po’boys around.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Check ‘em out if you’re in the area.


Old Town, Lansing -- Population: AWESOME.

Old Town, Lansing — Population: AWESOME.

I’m currently taking a three-week Skillshare workshop taught by Phil Ebiner, a successful cinematographer, editor and motions graphic artist. One of the assignments is to go out in your community and snap some photos that tell a story of your town.


I chose to capture Old Town Lansing, the cultural and creative district of Lansing. This part of Lansing most reflects my personality and I wanted to tell it’s colorful story.

So I dragged brought my roommate Camara out into the frigid January air and snapped some photos. Before our fingers and ears were totally frozen we called it a day, but not before getting some pretty stellar shots.

She’s a bad mama jama

If you’re ever passing through Lansing, I would definitely recommend giving Old Town and its many restaurants, shops and events a try!

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