My Colorful Snapshot: New York City Edition (Pt. I)

May 10, 2016

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon lately with TCP. The last month has been full of changes and I just had to focus on myself. I recently accepted a new job working from home as a social media and community manager, planned a local fundraiser as well as juggling some other regular life commitments. Things have been a little nuts to say the least.

So I’m sorry I left you hanging.

I figured what better way to jump back into the swing of things than with a photo journey in New York City?

Yes, my roommate/BFF4L and I had planned a trip to the city way before the craziness of April happened. However, looking back it was the perfect way to celebrate surviving changing jobs and planning a large event in-between.

So enjoy these first batch of photos of my recent explorations in New York City!


To be as cheap as possible, Camara (AKA: roommate/BFF4L) and I booked a 6 a.m. departure flight. This meant that we woke up at 3:30 a.m. the day we flew out in order to make it to the airport on-time. We are both not keen about early mornings (read: I’d rather eat concrete than wake up that early), but we sucked it up and made it to the airport. The minute we sat down on the plane, we passed the hell out though until we woke up to the New York City skyline:


After we hailed the shuttle from LaGuardia to Grand Central Station, our first thing was to drop our bags off at the hotel. Since we couldn’t check-in until 3 p.m. we were forced to roam around the city rather than crawl into our beds and sleep. Therefore, our second stop had to be food. This was because NOT EVEN MCDONALDS was open when we left that morning for the airport (well, at least the one by our apartment next to the highway).

After a thorough yet quick Google search we found that Penelope was a solid for breakfast and brunch. Also, they had Bloody Marys (the early flight cure) so it was settled.

And boy were we not disappointed!


This was the perfect place to refuel, both our bodies and our phones, as well as plan out the rest of our first day in the city.



After Penelope we stopped at, of course, a coffee shop that just happened to share a name with me (Gregory’s Coffee), have an awesome logo and serve probably the best caramel macchiato that I’ve ever had in my life. Check them outβ€”they have an online store.

LOGO ALERT: The glasses are coffee mugs!

LOGO ALERT: The glasses are coffee mugs!

After coffee, we did some exploring of the concrete jungle as we headed over to Lincoln Center for dinner and a ballet show.




Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

A sneak peek at the theater before the ballet!

A sneak peek at the theater before the ballet!


On one of the days, after catching up on some sleep and some emails (#workaholic) we set out to Skimm HQ. Now, for those of you that have never even heard of The Skimm, now’s your chance to redeem yourself.

Started in 2012, The Skimm makes it easier to be smarter by delivering news to your inbox every morning. Started as just an idea of two female news producers turned entreprenistas, The Skimm now has over 3.5 million subscribers, is heralded as the third ranked morning TV show based on demographics and they just launched their app and subscription service, Skimm Ahead.

I am also proud to be a part of the 13,000+ brand ambassador group β€” The Skimmbassadors. The Skimm is not only a service I utilize, but a brand and idea that I 100% support. The founders, Carly and Danielle, call the new “Me Time” the time we spend on our phones. Their whole focus is to ensure you’re using that time to become smarter, and that’s an incredible vision in my book.

So if you haven’t subscribed yet you can do so…HERE. Don’t worry it’s free for the newsletter and, I’ll wait…

Done? Excellent.

This backstory is relevant because I reached out and setup a trip to The Skimm’s office (Skimm HQ) while in New York City. The staff was incredible, the office perfect and they even hooked us up with some Skimm SWAG.

Reason no. 7523423 I’m all about that #SkimmLife!




Now, as a frequent visitor to New York City, I pride myself on not doing tourist-like things. That means I usually avoid Times Square at all costs. However, as a theater nerd, that’s sometimes not always possible. This trip was one of those exceptions. So, to wrap up this first post here’s an obligatory Times Square shot.

Catch you around for my next NYC post where I dive into the amazing food of NYC (don’t miss the next mouthwatering post)!


Obligatory New York City Times Square Shot. You’re welcome.

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